Chase Massner: Reward money increases to $10K as battle buddies vow to never give up until missing veteran is found

The reward fund for a missing Georgia veteran increased substantially this month after a military police investigator stepped in to help find his battle buddy, Chase Massner, whose been missing without a trace since 2014.

Chase Massner, a father, son, husband, and friend to many, disappeared on March 27, 2014, in Kennesaw, Georgia, after spending the night at a friend’s house. Although numerous tips and leads have surfaced, he still hasn’t been located, and it’s something investigator Michael Swiger, who served with Chase in Iraq, is hoping to help solve with a generous donation of $5,000. The money was added to previously-raised funds of $5,000, bringing Chase’s total reward fund to $10,000.

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Swiger told Crime Online exclusively that Chase is a loyal family man, and it’s his honesty and caring nature that prompted Swiger to step in and help.

“Chase was, above all a dedicated family man, and I don’t believe he would have abandoned his wife and children; I don’t think anyone believes that. It is the inherent goodness of Chase which predisposes anyone who knew him to understand that only death could separate him from his family.” 

Swiger is also realist, and despite how much he’d rather have a different outcome, he feels his battle buddy is likely deceased. A few days without contacting loved ones is odd for Chase, much less three years of silence.

“Based upon the evidence and testimony I’ve reviewed thus far, I believe without doubt that Chase is dead. It sucks to have to say is so plaintively, but facts are facts. We all loved Chase, be it as a brother, parent, son, friend or comrade in arms; but we have to face the cold hard facts of this case in order to get to the bottom of it.” 

While Swiger hopes that the reward fund will help convince people to come forward, he also plans to investigate the case himself. He’s confident that Chase’s case will be solved soon and vows to keep going until that happens.

“This is about closure, not punishment.” “I’m not out to get anyone, I just want the truth for everyone who held chase dear. I’m fortunate enough to be in a position where I have the resources, independence and expertise to work this through to the end.” 

Anyone with information on Chase Massner is urged to call the Cobb County Cold Case Unit at 770-528-3032.

[Feature Photo: Stephanie Cadena]