Toni Anderson dash cam video shows her appearing confused, intoxicated during traffic stop just before she vanished

Anderson is believed to have drowned later that morning

Police dash cam video shows that Toni Anderson was confused and appeared intoxicated when she was pulled over hours before she is believed to have drowned in the Missouri River.

The video, obtained by the Kansas City Star, was recorded at approximately 4:30 a.m. on January 15, the last day Anderson was seen alive.

In the video, a North Kansas City Police officer can be heard speaking to Anderson, who he had pulled over for an improper lane change. During the conversation, he repeatedly tells her that she was driving on the wrong side of a two-way street.

At one point, Anderson appears to giggle in response. The 20-year-old woman appears confused, providing a sketchy narrative of where she was headed when she was pulled over. She tells the officer that she was coming from work at the Kansas City strip club where she was a server, and says she was planning on driving to the Shady Lady, another adult entertainment lounge, appearing to slur her words.

The officer asks her is she has been drinking or taking any medication, and she says no, just that she isn’t feeling well.

Anderson handed her driver’s license and insurance card to the officer, who appears to check it, but he never asks her to get out of the car or take a sobriety test. Instead, he directs her to pull over at a nearby gas station and “gather” herself.


As Crime Online previously reported, Anderson vanished later that morning, and her body was found nearly two months later in her car, which was submerged in the Missouri River. She was alone at the time and did not appear to be injured. Her death was ruled accidental.

The Kansas City Star reported that the medical examiner found alcohol, cocaine, and amphetamines in Anderson’s system, which are believed to have contributed to her death.

The dash cam video has led to scrutiny over why the officer let Anderson go.

“Cops don’t tell people they think are intoxicated to go collect themselves,” Mary Gillespie, a friend of Anderson’s, told the Kansas City Star.

“No, they are going to perform a Breathalyzer test or other DUI testing and then determine if they need to take you in or not.”

A representative from the North Kansas City Police Department told the newspaper the officer handled the incident appropriately.
The Kansas City Star published a partial transcript of the conversation between the officer and Anderson:

Officer: You are heading the wrong way.

Anderson: Yeah, I know (inaudible).

Officer: No, no. This is a two-way street. You’re on the full left-hand side of the street, heading into oncoming traffic.

Anderson giggles

Officer: Huh? Not funny.

Anderson: I’m sorry.

Officer: That is why I’m asking you if you have been drinking. Are you taking any medications or anything?

Anderson: No, I am just really sick. I don’t feel good.

The officer then walked to his patrol car to check Anderson’s driver’s license and plate.

When he returns, he tells her: Toni, do me a favor, pull into that parking lot; sit there a while, gather yourself. So when it clears, I’m going to make sure the light turns. Go over there, park and sit.

Anderson: OK, thank you.

Anderson was last seen filling her gas tank at the convenience store gas station. Her cell phone last gave a signal near Platte Landing Park, about 7 miles away. Anderson’s car was found on March 10 in the river bordering the park.


Photo: Police handout