Husband dies after he jumps on wife’s car and she drives away

A New Jersey woman is facing charges in the death of her husband after she left the scene the car accident that killed him.

According to the New York PostAmmara Chaudhry, 33, of Fair Lawn, New Jersey, got into car and drove away during an argument with her husband, Daniel Offield, 35, on May 6. Offield then reportedly jumped on her car to try and stop her, before falling off the car and suffering serious injuries.

Chaudhry allegedly drove off, leaving her severely injured husband behind, and did not call 911.

Offield later died in a hospital.

Chaudhry reportedly turned herself in to authorities on May 19, when she was charged with leaving the scene of a fatal motor vehicle collision. According to the New York Post, the medical examiner found that Offield’s death was a direct result of injuries he suffered in the car accident.

As the New York Post noted, Chaudhry has posted messages to her husband’s Facebook page since his death and since she was charged. On May 15, she wrote:

“Dan offield passed away. He was an amazing man. I, ammara chaudhry, am going to keep dans Facebook on please write nice things about him when you miss him. His family misses him a lot. I don’t know what to say. I miss him. He was a great husband and father. Please friend me if anyone needs to contact me. Thanks to everyone for being there for us during this hard time.”

Chaudhry is due on court on June 2.


Photo: Facebook