URGENT: Young sisters disappear after their father’s funeral

Two Kentucky sisters are missing and believed to be in danger following their father’s violent death.

According to WKBO, Cassie Whitney, 11, and Jezzie Whitney, 13, were last seen at their father’s memorial service in Scottsville, Kentucky, on May 18. The Department of Protection and Permanency had reportedly been assigned to take custody of the girls, but the sisters could not be found.

Cassie and Jezzie’s father Larry Whitney Jr. reportedly died from a chest wound sustained at the home where the girls’ mother Melissa Scott was living. Police have issued a warrant for Scott’s arrest, and believe the girls may be with their mother.


Jerry Whitney, the girls’ uncle, spoke to the news station about his concerns.

“I worry about their safety,” he said.

“The environment that I’m sure that any kids that would be in on the run with their mom is not sound environment. They need to be in a safe environment.”

Anyone with information is urged to call hey the Allen County Sheriff’s Office at 1-270-237-3210.


Photo: Handout/Allen County Sheriff