What? No jail time for Sandra Bullock’s stalker! Just probation & mental evaluation

The stalker who broke into Sandra Bullock’s home, forcing the frightened actress to hide in a closet, two years ago was sentenced to 5 years probation after pleading no contest in a Los Angeles court. Joshua James Corbett, 41, must also under go mental evaluation.

“What moronic judge did that?” Nancy Grace said in this “Crime Stories” episode. “The judge is an idiot in this case.”

Bullock’s frantic 911 call revealed the Oscar-winning actress’s fear as she huddled in a locked closet waiting for police to arrive at her Hollywood Hills mansion.

The no-jail sentence followed a court ruling tossing evidence that Corbett had an illegal arsenal hidden in his home, including machine guns and military-grade ammunition. An appeals court decided Los Angeles police violated his rights with the search that discovered the weapons.

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“What this case does is bring to light how lightly this type of felony crimes is treated and I don’t like it,” Grace said.

Nancy Grace and Alan Duke discuss the case in this episode.

[Feature Photo: AP/Amy Sancetta, File]