Prosecutor: Dad, drunk and high, runs over son in driveway, killing him

On Thursday, a prosecutor alleged that a Michigan man who ran over his son in the family driveway on March 31, was high and drunk when the incident occurred.

Michigan Live reports that Ryan Williamson, 42, appeared in court on Thursday for arraignment. He’s accused of getting into a verbal altercation with his wife, DeeDee Williamson, after they returned home in Chapin Township from a bar with their son, Blaze, and friend, Darien Almashy, on the night of March 31. As the couple continued to argue, Ryan Williamson reportedly grew frustrated, jumped in his black Buick Rendezvous and backed out of the driveway.

Blaze was in the driveway playing, but his father didn’t notice him and ran over the boy, causing fatal injuries. The boy’s body was dragged into the street upon impact.

Ryan Williamson was arrested and charged with “operating while intoxicated causing death” and “operating while license suspended causing death.” DeeDee Williamson, 44, and Almashy, 35 were charged with lying to police about what happened. Apparently, the wife and friend told authorities that Almashy was driving the SUV that ran over Blaze, but witnesses told police that the boy’s father was behind the wheel.

From Left to Right: Darien Almashy, DeeDee Williamson, and Ryan Williamson. [Photo: Saginaw County PD]
Detectives ordered a blood test on Ryan Williamson, which confirmed that he had both alcohol and drugs in his system. He already had two previous driving while intoxicated charges when the tragic accident happened.

Saginaw County Sheriff William Federspiel said that the three suspects thought about how to cover up immediately, and came up with a plan to say that Almashy was driving, in an attempt to save Williamson, who didn’t have a valid driver’s license, from getting yet another driving under the influence charge.

“That’s the problem I have — your child just died and the first thing you think about is how to lie to police,” Federspiel said. “The first action wasn’t to grieve, it was to cover up.”

Blaze was pronounced dead at a hospital in Lansing.

DeeDee Williamson started crying in court on Thursday and while attempting to explain what happened, the judge told her to be quiet before she incriminates herself.

If convicted, Ryan Williamson could face more than 30 years in prison. DeeDee Williamson and Almashy could face up to two years each behind bars if convicted.

[Feature Photo: Family Handout]