Texas Hot car deaths: How did mom lose track of 2 toddlers? Should she face criminal charges?

The mother of two Texas toddlers who died inside a hot car believed their children were playing in their home until she realize they were gone, according to police. It was too late to save 2-year-old Juliet Ramirez a and her 16-month-old brother Cavanaugh Ramirez when the mom smashed the passenger-side window of the Honda Accord Friday afternoon.

It was a 96-degree afternoon in Weatherford, Texas, about 40 miles west of Fort Worth. It is not yet known how long the small children were locked inside the car before paramedics arrived in a failed attempt to revive them.

Detectives are working to determine if and how the small children could have opened the car, entered it and locked the vehicle’s door behind them. The mother has not been charged in her children’s death, but the investigation is far from over, according to the Parker County sheriff.

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Nancy Grace and Alan Duke discuss this latest hot car death case in this “Crime Stories” episode.

Grace is withholding an opinion on if the mother should face criminal charges depending on what police find out about how long the children had been gone and not noticed.

“There are two dead bodies and if it was — and I don’t know that it was — if it was neglect, then somebody has to go to jail,“ Grace said.

“If the children had been gone for four hours, that in my mind is neglect,” she said. “You go back and 30 minutes later they are gone, that doesn’t sound like neglect to me, they’re playing the back room why should you be suspicious.”

[Feature Photo: Parker County Police Department]