Dennis Reeves and secretary both denied affair years ago; now she won’t talk to police

The Texas high school principal shot himself in the head last week after school officials confronted him about the alleged affair

The former superintendent of the school district where beloved high school principal Dennis Reeves took his own life last week said the affair allegations that prompted the apparent suicide were old news.

As Crime Online previously reported, Reeves met with Kirbyville Consolidated Independent School District Superintendent Tommy Wallis and Assistant Superintendent Georgia Sayers just before he is believed to have shot himself in the head while sitting in his truck in the Kirbyville High School parking lot last Tuesday.

While Superintendent Wallis initially told reporters the meeting was not regarding anything out of the ordinary, he and Sayers both provided written statements to police this week, obtained by Crime Online, saying they met with Reeves in response to allegations he had an affair with a former secretary who still works for the school district.

Kirbyville Police press release by EKilloran on Scribd

According to the statements from both school officials, Reeves, a married father of two, denied having an affair and was told he would be put on administrative leave while the school district investigated the allegations, which were reportedly brought by the former secretary.

Wallis said he told Reeves he could avoid an investigation if he confessed to the alleged affair and resigned. Reeves reportedly offered his resignation, but neither statement indicates he ever admitted to the affair.

Within an hour, he was reportedly found dead in his car from an apparent gunshot wound to the head.

Former Kirbyville CISD Superintendent Richard Hazlewood told Texas news station KFDM that he had heard rumors of the affair back in 2015, and that he didn’t understand why those rumors had resurfaced now.

He said that at the time, both he and Assistant Superintendent Sayers spoke to Reeves and his secretary about the rumors, and that both denied any affair. Hazlewood said he never saw any proof or documentation of the rumored affair, and had presumed the matter was settled back then.

“Ms. Sayers was assistant superintendent and when she and I got wind of the rumors, she and I both investigated and there was absolutely nothing to it,” Hazlewood told the news station.

Since that time, Hazlewood told the news station, “I have not heard a word, not a word, nothing” until this last week.

The secretary in question has since moved to a position at another school in the district, working as a secretary for an assistant principal.

Reached by phone, her current boss said he had no comment about the affair allegations or Reeves’s death and said, “you know as much as I do.”

Kirbyville Police Chief Brister told Crime Online and KFDM that the woman has retained an attorney and is refusing to speak to them, leaving only Wallis and Sayers as witnesses to her alleged claim about an affair.

Chief Brister told Crime Online that the statement the two school officials said the secretary was writing was “of no use” to the investigation as the letter was reportedly typed up on a computer at the school administration building, about a mile from the high school, and was not signed, as the secretary was presumably interrupted by news of Reeves’s death.

The police press release about the principal’s death, which included statements from both school officials present at Reeves’s final meeting and Chief Brister, also included the brief resignation letter purportedly typed up by Reeves right after the meeting with school officials.

In Wallis’s statement, he says the secretary told him that Reeves had threatened to kill himself in the past if the alleged affair was discovered.

Brister admitted that at this time, police do not have any proof that the secretary was writing the statement at all.

Wallis and Sayers wrote in their statements to police that the secretary was already working on her statement about the affair allegations when the two school officials went to the high school to meet with Reeves. It appears that an hour passed before police found Reeves dead in his car.

Asked what options the police had to obtained the secretary’s version of events, Brister said he didn’t think he had much of any option, and that the woman was well within her rights to avoid speaking to police.

Chief Brister directed Crime Online to another individual involved in the investigation who he said could comment on the preliminary autopsy findings. The source did not immediately return an interview request.

This is a developing story and will updated as more information becomes available.

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