“It just strips you to the bare bones”: Grandmother shares her story about 7-year-old Adrian Jones, who was abused for years before being fed to pigs

Little boy’s grandmother opens up to Nancy Grace in new interview.

Judy Conway never again saw grandson Adrian Jones after social workers handed the 3-year-old over to his biological father. Four years later, police found the child’s corpse in a pig pen behind his parent’s Kansas home.

Social workers in Kansas and Missouri, states the family moved back and forth between over the years, failed to stop the abuse despite many warning signs, according to the 2,000-page case file recently released.

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The father and his wife denied the grandmother visits with the boy and his siblings over those four years. We now know Adrian’s life was a living hell filled with torture and it ended with his starvation death at age 7. Adrian’s body was left in a shower stall for days before it was into a pen of hungry pigs.

Conway, in this “Crime Stories” episode, tells Nancy Grace that “it just strips you to the bare bones and you just can’t fathom that when you are given the news that the remains of the child are found in a pig pen.”