Man strangles wife for ‘nagging’ about going back to work after heart attack: Prosecutors

A Chicago-area man reportedly admitted to strangling his wife after an argument saying she had been “nagging” him about returning to work too soon following his heart attack earlier this year.

On Friday, Carlo Madonia, 58, was formally charged with the first-degree murder of his wife of 30 years, Nancy Madonia, also 58.

The Madonia’s children told police their father had “not been himself” following the heart attack, reported the Chicago Tribune, and they had been closely monitoring him to make sure he took his medication. Their son called 911 on Wednesday morning after going to his parents’ house and finding his father covered in blood and his mother dead in the master bedroom.

Carlo Madonia told investigators he was getting ready to go to work when he and his wife began to argue. He pushed her onto the floor and strangled her with his bare hands as she tried to fight him off – scratching him and biting his finger in the process. The Daily Herald reported Madonia had scratch marks on his face and body and a bite mark on his pinky.

According to the Daily Herald, Madonia claimed he tried to hang himself with a bathrobe belt after killing his wife, but “just couldn’t do it.”

Madonia, who has no criminal history, is scheduled to next appear in court on June 12. He remains in custody on $3 million bond and has told the court he is unable to post bond, reported The Daily Herald.

A GoFundMe campaign has been established to help pay for Nancy Madonia’s funeral expenses.


Photo: DuPage County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook