Parking lot bully SUCKER PUNCHES man with cerebral palsy after mocking him [VIDEO]

This is hard to watch

A Pennsylvania man was arrested after he was caught on surveillance camera mercilessly taunting a man with cerebral palsy before hauling off and punching him in the face.


According to the Associated Press, Barry Baker was arrested on Monday after he allegedly attacked a man with cerebral palsy outside a convenience store in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

The video shows a man pulling up to a convenience store and walking past the suspect, as he appears to mock the victim. When the victim exits the store, the man police say is Baker follows behind him, walking with exaggerated movements.

Then, out of nowhere, Backer punches the man in the face as spectators watch and do nothing. Baker appears to have been at the store with one or two other men, but another man can be seen walking past the store just as the suspect hits the man with cerebral palsy. The man walking by appears to pick up the pace and ignore what’s going on.

According to KCCI, Baker had been sought on charges he violated parole on an unrelated case. He is facing charges of simple assault, disorderly conduct, and harassment related to the May 10 incident.
Photo: YouTube screenshot