Honey the snakes are home! Over 100 reptiles found hopping, slithering in family home

Investigators found more than 100 reptiles slithering around a Long Island home this week, including exotic, deadly snakes and a baby alligator.

CBS New York reports that many of the animals found are illegal to own in the state, and also noted that their living conditions were deplorable — so much so that some of the animals, including a lizard, an iguana, and two snakes, were found dead.

Police had been responding to a burglary report at the home when they made the discovery.

Investigators reportedly found over a dozen turtles in “horrendous conditions” in the basement of the Nassau County home.

“There was stench from decomposing animals plus he had reptiles that aren’t allowed even in the United States,” Nassau County SPCA’s Gary Rogers told CBS New York.

One man is in custody: Christopher Koenig, 20, was arrested Monday afternoon and charged with aggravated cruelty to animals and failure to give food and drink. He is believed to be the son of the homeowners.

Investigators found a potentially lethal boa constrictor in the home, which wrapped itself around an SPCA investigator, squeezing his arm.

“If you’re not taking care of them and you’re abusing them, then why would you have a hundred of them? It doesn’t make sense,” Michael Ralbovsky from RSS Oasis Animal Sanctuary told CBS New York.

Investigators removed the animals from the home, and they are now in the care of a Massachusetts animal sanctuary.


Photo: CBS New York Screenshot