Mom duct-tapes son to metal chair in basement, covering his mouth — then leaves him alone to go swimming with daughter: Police

Just last year, the boy told school officials his mother hit him with a hammer

An Ohio mother is facing charges of child endangerment after her 11-year-old son was found duct-taped to a chair in the basement of their Boardman home, alone and helpless to break free or cry out.

According to Ohio news station WMFJ, the boy’s grandmother found him in the basement of the home when she arrived there a little before noon on Monday. At the time, his mother Susan Malaysa had taken his sister to the YMCA to go swimming.

Police reportedly found the mother and daughter there shortly after responding to a call from the grandmother, who said she was worried about the boy’s welfare.

The boy was taken to a hospital for evaluation, and police were alarmed by dark bruises on his neck and face.

“He does appear to be okay.  He has been released.  He’s in the care of relatives,” Detective-Sergeant Hillman told WMFJ.

Malaysa was booked and charged on Monday, before appearing in court Tuesday morning and being released on bail.

Just last year, the boy reportedly told school officials that his mother had hit him with a hammer. The boy was removed from the home, but it appears that his mother was never charged.

His grandmother told the news station that he has behavioral issues.


Photo: Boardman Township Police Department