Tulsa dad Facebook Lives horrific torture of his own son

An Oklahoma father who broadcast verbal and physical abuse of his six-year-old on Facebook Live is in jail, thanks to Facebook friends who contacted police after they saw the horrific abuse of the suspect’s little boy.

Fox 23 reports that Ralph Hishaw of Tulsa is in custody on child abuse and neglect charges after investigators say he “tortured” his young son with persistent abuse and terrible living conditions.

Fox 23 obtained the full 32-minute Facebook Live video from investigators, and aired clips in a news broadcast.

In the video, Hishaw can be heard screaming, belittling and mocking the child for crying.

At one point in the video, he allegedly slaps his son in the face and threatens to hit his head against a ceiling.

Fox 23 reports that Tulsa police were able to track down the suspect due to a second Facebook Live video which helped them identify his home.

Investigators found unspeakable living conditions and PCP in the home. They also told Fox 23 that the boy had bruises on his back, which he said his father gave him.

When a Fox 23 reporter approached the suspect at the police precinct, he ignored her question asking him if he had tortured his child,  instead saying, “You have nice hair,” and turning away.


Photo: Fox 23 News screenshot/Tulsa Police Department