‘Prophet’ Lee Kaplan convicted for sex with young ‘sister wives’

A Pennsylvania man who was “gifted” a half-dozen underage girls to be his “sister wives” could spend the rest of his life in prison after being found guilty of sexual assault in a Pennsylvania trial this week.

Kaplan, 52, began sexually abusing the children when they were as young as 8, according to prosecutors. He fathered two children with the oldest.

Their biological mother testified in the trial that she and her husband “gifted” the children to Kaplan because he helped the family out financially. Prosecutors said both parents, who has pled guilty to child endangerment, were “brainwashed” by the self-proclaimed prophet.

The couple could get up to seven years in prison, while Kaplan faces as much as 40 years.

Nancy Grace and Alan Duke discuss the shocking case of Lee Kaplan in this episode.

Photo: Associated Press