‘He was being a jerk’: Police say angry woman shot then cut boyfriend to death

A San Antonio woman is behind bars after she allegedly cut and shot her boyfriend on over the weekend after he was “being a jerk” to her.

San Antonio Express-News reports that Laura Flores Messick, 30, was arrested on Sunday afternoon after she admitted to police that she cut and shot her boyfriend, Chason Montez-Deoca, 40, during an argument. The victim was found on Saturday lying in a pool of blood inside a home off of the 7600 block of Muleshoe Lane, in Southwest San Antonio.

Police records indicate that Messick told the police she was thinking “what a jerk” while she reportedly killed Montez-Deoca. She also allegedly admitted that she wasn’t sure if she killed Montez-Deoca when she shot him, so she cut him on the neck. Authorities found a found a 9mm shell casing on the bathroom floor in the home.

Messick is charged with first-degree felony charge of murder. She faces life in prison if convicted.

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[Feature Photo: Bexar County Sheriff’s Office]