Burglary suspect gets bloody beatdown by homeowner

A man accused of breaking into a Carolina Beach, North Carolina, home over the weekend was met by a homeowner who determined not to let the intruder rob him, as evidenced by the suspect’s booking mugshot.

ABC 7 reports that John Alexander Bracken, 28, allegedly broke into a home off of the 500 block of Monroe Avenue on Saturday night. According to Carolina Beach Police, the suspect kicked in the front door, expecting no one to be there, but the homeowner was inside the residence and ran towards the door. The homeowner confronted Bracken and the pair got into a physical altercation.

When police arrived, they found Bracken lying flat on his back on the front lawn, bloodied and bruised after the homeowner apparently gave him a beatdown. The homeowner, clearly the victorious one in the fight, was not injured.

Bracken was taken to a local hospital for his injuries. He was later arrested and placed into the New Hanover County Jail on attempted burglary charges. He has since bonded out on $7,500.

[Feature Photo: New Hanover County Jail]