Husband of slain radio DJ star goes berserk when cops try to search premises

“I’m not going to jail for this!”

The husband of a popular Jersey Shore radio DJ who was murdered in 2012 allegedly pulled a gun on police when they came to his medical offices with a search warrant, according to

Dr. James Kauffman, the husband of the late April Kauffman, staged an hourlong standoff with police when they arrived to his New Jersey medical practice last Tuesday. The endocrinologist appeared to believe that police were there to arrest him.

It was an overreaction that landed him in jail, and likely did not reassure those who suspect the doctor may have been involved in his wife’s murder, including April’s daughter — who filed a still-pending wrongful death suit against Dr. Kauffman in 2014.

As Crime Online previously reported, April Kauffman was found shot to death in her luxury Linden, New Jersey, home in May 2012. The circumstances of her murder have remained a mystery for five years, though her husband has come under scrutiny for auctioning off her belongings not long after her death.

Nancy Grace and Alan Duke discussed Dr. Kauffman’s possible role in his wife’s death in a recent episode of the Crime Stories podcast.

After the standoff, police took Dr. Kauffman into custody on gun charges. reports that as the doctor’s court hearing on Monday, prosecutors played video of the police standoff for the judge.

“I’m not going to jail for this!” Kauffman can be heard saying, as an officer tries to reassure him that the police were not there to arrest him.

“It’s a search warrant … you’re not under arrest!”

Kauffman appeared at the front door of his medical building with a 9mm handgun as officers shouted at him to drop the gun.

After an hour, Kauffman reportedly surrendered peacefully and has been in custody since then.

According to, Dr. Kauffman’s lawyers said he never threatened police with the gun, and was in danger only of harming himself. They said that he cracked under the pressure of being seen as a possible suspect in his wife’s death.

Assistant Prosecutor Seth Levy argued in court that Dr. Kauffman should be detained based on the behavior that was captured on video.

“He pulled a gun out in order to avoid being arrested on charges. He kept police in an hour-long standoff. It shows how far he’s willing to go to avoid coming to court.”

Investigators found a second firearm and $100,000 cash his office.

“Had law enforcement not been so calm in this situation, the defendant may very well have been justifiably shot,” Levy reportedly told the judge.

Prosecutors have not specific exactly what they were looking for in the medical office raid, which they said was not directly connected to April Kauffman’s death.

Dr. Kauffman will remain in custody pending trial for the gun charges. Prosecutors have 90 days to indict him.


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