Police: Over 80 dogs abused, kept in extreme filth by wicked ‘Cruella de Vil’ look-alike puppy mill owner

A Great Dane dog breeder, who is suspected of running a puppy mill out of her Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, mansion, is accused of mistreating and abusing at least 93 dogs and puppies. Animal rescuers and police officers alike were shocked on Friday when they stepped into the 14,000 square-foot home and saw a disparaging scene of extreme filth and animal neglect.

The Conway Daily Sun reports that Christina ‘Tina’ Fay, 59, is facing federal charges of interstate trade and environmental and zoning violations, along with animal neglect and abuse charges, after reportedly turning her $1.5 million mansion into a puppy mill that she failed to take care of properly.

According to Chief Dean Rondeau, of the Wolfeboro PD, numerous puppies and dogs were found waddling around in so much filth, feces, and urine that they were slipping as they tried to walk around. Many of the dogs and puppies were lacking adequate water and food, and one dog was found to have “cherry eye,” a disease that surfaces when the tear ducts of the eyes get blocked, causing the corneas to scratch. Five puppies in a litter of nine died from inadequate care. Another puppy in the litter had a broken femur.

[Photo: Humane Society of United States]
“All she had to do was follow the rules. She had to do what you and I do, but instead she decided she is too cool for school and broke them all,” Rondeau said. “I am not backing off of anything on this matter. I don’t care how minute or minor it may be Tina Fay is owning everything.”

According to court records, law enforcement and animal cruelty investigators began an investigation against Fay on May 8. A few days prior, a 16-year-old employee sent photos of the neglected animals Lakes Region Humane Society. The organization in turn, contacted the authorities.  The Wolfeboro Police Department carried out warrants to search Fay’s De La Sang Monde Great Danes business, located at her home at 149 Warren Sands Road.

Rondeau told Daily Mail that the smell inside the home was so awful that his team of 80 officers and rescuers were taken aback when the fumes hit their noses. Rondeau feels that Fay buried and/or incubated deceased dogs on her property, and he’s determined to find out for sure.

Christina “Tina” Fay has been compared to the evil Cruella de Vil of “101 Dalmatians.” [Police Handout]
“We got this overwhelming smell of urine and feces and then something rotting. We just didn’t know what it was, we couldn’t quite put your finger on it, but we knew something isn’t right. When we first got there it was the barking dogs that first hit us and then we got the smell, and that was the real tip-off.”

The rescued dogs are now hidden in an undisclosed 25,000 square foot building. Authorities plan to use the pups as evidence in Fay’s upcoming trial. The animals are being “well taken care of.”

Fay was released from jail on a $10,000 personal recognizance. She’s expected back in court soon.

In the meantime, anyone who wants to donate to help offset some of costs required to care for the dogs can contact the  Conway Area Humane Society at 603-447-5955 or info@conwayshelter.org.

[Feature Photo: United States Humane Society]