Reddit murder suspect who confessed to girlfriend’s stabbing death resurfaces on Instagram while still running from police

A man who has evaded police since the violent death of his on-again, off-again girlfriend has emerged on social media with three Instagram posts refuting rumors about his whereabouts.

As Crime Online previously reported, Ager Hasan purportedly confessed to the April stabbing death of 22-year-old Melinda Vasilije in a Reddit post.

Hasan and Vasilije, who lived in Waterloo, Canada, had dated on and off, and Hasan said in the since-deleted Reddit post that he went to her apartment the night she died to reconcile, claiming that he killed her in self-defense after she came at him with a knife.

Screenshot: Imgur


Hasan has been on the run since becoming a suspect in Melinda’s death. Earlier reports indicated that the suspect had left Canada and was driving through the U.S., possibly on his way to Mexico, and had been seen in Tennessee in May.

But Hasan refuted those claims in the Instagram posts that appeared on the account believed to belong to the suspect on Tuesday. They were the first posts made to the account since before Melinda died, and one of the three posts has since been deleted.

According to the Global News, the now-deleted post, a photo Hasan and Vasilije together, included the message, “I regret everything negative I ever did to you.”

Two other posts remain as of Wednesday afternoon. One is an artistic video of a human-seeming figure appearing to melt into water in a shallow pool.

The other is a close-up video of Hasan, who appears to move his mouth, but there is no audio. The accompanying caption reads:

They photoshopped and altered my image, made up stories that I was in Nashville trying to get to Mexico. Making the situation much worst [sic] than it is. If I wanted to be there and vanish for good, I would, but I don’t.

A police spokesperson told the Global News that authorities had been in intermittent contact with the suspect via email but would not disclose any specifics about the communication.

“We’re in ongoing contact with him via email.  I can’t speak to the specifics what has been written in the emails but we are still encouraging him to turn himself in,” the spokesperson said.