Warning: Police warns of new scam!

Police in Levelland Texas have issued a warning for residents to be on the lookout for scam artists knocking on doors saying they are with an alarm company, reports KLVT News.

In a written statement, the Levelland Police Department warned residents about “a new trend from scammers,” reports EverythingLubbock.com. What is supposed to be a deterrent has become a magnet for scam artists. According to police, scam artists are identifying homes with security company signs in their front yards and knocking on the door.

When the homeowner answers, the individuals say they are with the security company and need to come inside the home to repair or check the system. What they are actually doing, is seeing what valuables are in the home so they can come back later and rob the homeowner.

A post on the Levelland Police Department’s Facebook page states that door-to-door salespeople are required to have a peddler’s permit and a photo ID badge.

“In the City of Levelland anyone going door to door is required to have a peddlers permit which should include a photo ID badge with the City of Levelland Logo on it. Just simply ask to see the peddlers permit; that would be an easy way to validate who a person is and what their intentions are in turn giving you peace of mind.”

Levelland police remind all homeowners to be “cautious and alert” and suggest calling the police department to report any suspicious activity reports KLVT News.

Levelland is a city of 14,000 located in West Texas, just 30 miles west of Lubbock. According to Lubbock Online, Lubbock was ranked the 12th most-dangerous-city in the nation based on The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting statistics.

[Feature Photo: City of Levelland]