Bachelor in Paradise sexual misconduct case: One-sided contract heavily favors producers if contestant sues

The woman who claims she was victimized on the set of Bachelor in Paradise signed away her right to a jury trial regarding an alleged sexual encounter that took place when she was possibly blackout drunk, CNN reports. 

CNN obtained the contract Bachelor in Paradise contestants sign before production begins, and found that it provided contestants with extremely limited legal recourse for injuries on set.

The seemingly one-sided contract stipulates that show producers are free to edit and manipulate any raw footage, whether or not it is an accurate representation of events. The contestants also reportedly agree that show producers don’t encourage “intimate or sexual” activity between contestants.

Corinne Olympios, a Bachelor in Paradise contestant who said in a statement last week that she was a “victim” of an on-set incident involving sexual activity with other contestant, has said she will be taking legal action. But by signing the contract, she waived her right to a jury trial. Any legal proceedings stemming from the alleged incident will have to take place through arbitration, and cannot be publicly disclosed.

According to the CNN report, Olympios may be able to go around the contract if there is evidence of criminal activity.

“If the contract requires you to release any claims you have that you were sexually assaulted, which is a crime, then the contract may or may not be enforceable under the public policy of the state of California [where this contract was drafted],”entertainment litigator Josh Schiller of Boies Schiller Flexner told CNN.

Earlier this week, Warner Bros. — the production company for the reality series — said it had conducted an investigation of the alleged incident and determined that no sexual assault or misconduct took place. Production is expected to resume on the previously suspended reality series, but DeMario Jackson, who had been accused of taking advantage of Olympios, will not be returning to the show.