Instagram fitness model dies after defective whipped cream canister explodes on her chest

The dangerous product was recalled in 2013. “We knew it would happen one day”

A freak accident involving a whipped cream canister has killed a 33-year-old French Instagram model and popular fitness/travel blogger.

An Instagram post signed by “the grieving family and husband” on Rebecca Burger’s popular account announced that she died Sunday, June 18, after an accident in the home.

A post shared by Rebecca Burger (@rebeccablikes) on

An earlier post included a photo of an object similar to the one involved in Burger’s death, stating that the siphon on the canister exploded and struck Berger’s chest area, causing her death.  The post claimed that tens of thousands of these defective items are still in circulation, and it warned followers not to use the product.

As reported by the Associated Press (AP), the canister with the plastic siphon was manufactured by the company Ard’time and was taken off the market after a 2013 recall in response to safety concerns.  A statement posted Thursday on the company’s Facebook page and website urged the public to share information about the recalled product.

According to the statement, the company worked with its retail partners to recall and destroy the defective products beginning in 2013.

The consumer magazine 60 Million Consumers reported Wednesday that it had been warning consumers for many years about accidents involving the defective kitchen tool, but that this was the first known death. 

Benjamin Douriez, deputy editor of 60 Million Consumers, told AP that “we knew it would happen one day.”

Burger chronicled her travels through her popular website, and had over 168,000 followers on Instagram, where she shared fitness, beauty and fashion tips. 

Online health store Women’s Best, which Burger promoted on social media, posted a condolence message on its Instagram account on Tuesday:

“We are sorry to announce the sad news of losing this beautiful soul. Our french athlete Rebecca Burger (@RebeccaBlikes) passed away.  Rebecca was not only a great fitness figure but a generous and kind person to work with.  Please pray for her soul to rest in peace and for her family to stay strong.”

Feature photo: Instagram