Natalie Wood death mystery episode 3: What’s the new evidence in superstar’s death?

The death of superstar Natalie Wood has been one of Hollywood’s biggest mysteries for over 35 years, but new evidence is emerging as investigators renew work on the case. This third episode in our Crime Stories continuing series of looking at the new information, features the author whose book convinced the Los Angeles County sheriff to reopen the case.

It was ruled an accidental drowning soon after the actress’s body was found floating along a Catalina Island beach on November 29, 1981, but the death certificate was changed to “undetermined” base on the revelations in Marti Rulli’s book, Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour.

“This new medical, scientific evidence points to murder and points to a victim here,” Rulli said in this episode of Crime Stories with Nancy Grace.

Wood was 43 years old when she disappeared off the yacht she shared with husband Robert Wagner, in the early morning hours on Thanksgiving weekend. Other than Wood and Wagner, actor Christopher Walken and boat captain Dennis Davern were the only people on the 60-foot “Splendour” that night.

Rulli’s interview is the third episode in our continuing series looking at the Natalie Wood case.

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[Feature Photo: AP/Steve Wood]