Reward offered for two teen girls who vanished over the weekend

Mississippi authorities are offering a $2,000 reward for information that leads to two teen girls who disappeared over the weekend in Mississippi. reports that Kaelyn Smith, 17, Greene, Mississippi, and Claudia Landrum, 16, from Washington, Alabama were reported missing on June 17, a day after they were spotted in a wooded area close to Greene County. The teens eluded officers and were able to escape.

According to the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, the girls’ last known location was off of Brewertown Road in Greene County, Mississippi. It’s possible that the girls are in a dark Chevrolet with LED lights under the bumper.

Claudia Landrum (top) and Kaelyn Smith (bottom) [Photo: Greene County Sheriff’s Department]
At this point, no foul play is suspected, but given their age, authorities are trying to find them and ensure their safety.

Anyone with any information is urged to call the he Greene County Sheriff’s Office at 601-394-2341 or 911. As of now, authorities have not given any additional information about the girls.

[Feature Photo: Greene County Sheriff’s Department]