Update: Baby brutally beaten on Father’s Day has died

A 16-month-old baby girl who was beaten severely on Father’s Day in Coney Island, New York, reportedly by her own dad, has died, according to authorities.

ABC 7 reports that Nylah Lewis, 16 months, was pronounced dead on Friday at around 10:40 a.m., after suffering multiple skull fractures, allegedly dealt to her by her own father, Shaquan Taylor, 19.

According to Janice Munford, Nylah’s grandmother, the family never thought that Taylor would attack the baby. She said they never saw it coming, but she now thinks Taylor planned to hurt Nylah.

“It’s bad. We never thought this would happen to our family. This boy had to plan this, to hurt this little girl. Why would you hurt a little innocent baby like that?”

My Eyes Are Sweating, This Hurts My Heart… Nylah Lewis Died Today After Being Beaten Into A Coma By Her Father Shaquan…

Posted by Natalie Hunter on Friday, June 23, 2017

According to authorities, the incident happened on Father’s Day after the baby’s mother, Tammy Lewis, dropped Nylah off to spend time with Taylor at his Coney Island apartment. Within a few hours after dropping Nylah off, Taylor messaged Lewis on Facebook, claiming there was a problem with the baby and demanding Lewis to come over right away.

When Lewis arrived, she found Nylah bruised, bleeding, and gasping for air. Shocked, Lewis grabbed her daughter and tried to run down flights of stairs, but Taylor reportedly stopped her and began punching Lewis in the face. Taylor then grabbed Nylah and handed her off to a complete stranger, who called for medical assistance.

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As authorities arrived, Taylor hid in bushes to avoid arrest, but police eventually found him and detained him.

Munford said that both Lewis and her daughter were in “grave danger” once they were at Lewis’ apartment.

“Tammy had to go up in there, not knowing her baby was hurt like that and grab her baby and ran down 12 flights of stairs with that baby on her arm, taking two and three stairs, running down the stairs. And he snatched the baby, gave it to some stranger to hold, and then he started beating her up.”

Lewis was left with a black eye and cuts that required stitches. She’s expected to recover, at least physically. Emotionally, Munford said the tragic ordeal has been difficult for the entire family.

Taylor was facing charges of “assault and acting in a manner injurious to a child,” but the charges will upgraded given the child’s death. He also faces assault charges for beating Tammy Lewis.

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