Abandoned car, odd photo among few clues in mysterious disappearance of Coachella woman and boyfriend

Where is Audrey Moran?

A beautiful young woman remains missing six weeks after she left home to give her unemployed boyfriend a ride, and authorities appear to have little to go on besides her abandoned car, which was found about 45 minutes west of where she said she was going.

According to the Desert Sun, Audrey Moran left her sister’s home in Coachella, California, on May 10, and said she was going to pick up her boyfriend Jonathan Reynoso, who was coming from Brawley — about an hour and a half south — and give him a ride to his home in Palm Desert, about a 20 minute drive northwest of Coachella.

Photo: Finding Audrey Moran Facebook page


But no one knows where Audrey drove before her car was found abandoned on the side of a freeway two days later in Beaumont, California, about a 45 minute drive west of Palm Desert, and nowhere near the route she would have taken to meet Reynoso, who does not have a car, if he were coming up from Brawley.

Indeed, the Desert Sun reports that police have not been able to confirm that Reynoso had been in Brawley on May 10 when Audrey told her sister she was going to meet him. Police reportedly said that her cell phone signal was never picked up outside of the immediate area that evening.

Both Audrey and Jonathan’s cell phones are missing and appear to have died or been shut off.

There is also the question of a photo that Audrey sent to her sister on the night of May 10 –which may have been her last contact. She reportedly sent a photo of herself with Jonathan at her boyfriend’s home, but the photo was an older picture of the couple. Still, police told the Desert Sun that there was nothing suspicious about the photo, and that Audrey sent it to her sister “for fun.”

Indio police Sgt. Dan Marshall told USA Today that the disappearance was “completely out of character for the couple” and that while the couple had not been dating for very long, there were no obvious signs of trouble.

“Other than (their disappearance), there are no other obvious red flags to this investigation,” Marshall said.

Moran’s car had a full tank of gas, and there were no signs of forced entry or foul play at the scene. Police dogs reportedly picked up the couple’s scent in the area of the car, but the trail ended about 20 yards west of where the SUV was found.

Photo: Find Audrey Moran Facebook Page


Anyone with information about the couple’s possible whereabouts is urged to call the Riverside Sheriff’s Office at (760) 836-1600



Feature photo: Indio Police Department