Funny man Jim Carrey drops legal battle over claims he passed STD to suicide girlfriend?

Carrey seems ready to offer a settlement in the wrongful death suit brought by Cathriona White’s family

Jim Carrey has taken steps to settle a contentious and potentially expensive legal battle with the family of his former girlfriend, who committed suicide in 2015.

The Daily Mail exclusively obtained legal documents showing Carrey’s intentions to settle the wrongful death suit out of court.

As Crime Online previously reported, Cathriona White died of an intentional overdose of prescription pills, and some, if not all of the drugs, were prescribed to Carrey under an alias. Carrey had previously claimed Cathriona stole the drugs from him and that he did not know she had taken any of the prescription bottles.

Shortly after they became involved, Cathriona had accused Carrey of giving her an STD. In text messages obtained by the Daily Mail, Carrey was somewhat dismissive of her concerns, and suggested if she did have an STD, she probably got it from someone else.

The issue of a possible STD appears to have been a major source of conflict in the on-again, off-again relationship. The Daily Mail obtained a handwritten letter White wrote Carrey after their final breakup. In it, she writes that Carrey called her an “opportunist” and a “wh**e” and describes herself as damaged goods.

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The judge presiding over the wrongful death case had previously denied Carrey’s motion to exclude the STD allegation in a wrongful death trial, concluding that the celebrity’s privacy concerns did not outweigh the importance of the allegations in determining the contributors to White’s suicide.

Carrey filed a separate motion asking that White’s mother, Brigid Sweetman, pay an undertaking of $372,000 in order for the wrongful death suit to proceed. In the motion, his attorneys reportedly argued that Carrey would likely prevail in a wrongful death suit, but because much of the discovery would be taking place overseas, the legal costs would be exorbitant. The undertaking would represent a guarantee that Carrey be reimbursed for those fees.

But Daily Mail reports that Carrey has since dropped the motion, reportedly after Sweetman said she was in poor physical health and did not have money to pay the undertaking. Carrey has now requested to meet with Sweetman in order to mediate the lawsuit out of court.

In dropping the motion, Carrey requested that an upcoming June 28 hearing be vacated, and waived his right to re-file the same motion at a later date.


Feature photo: Associated Press