Police: Creepy sex offender had vasectomy ‘in case he was able to have unprotected sex’ with little girl

A Phoenix man is behind bars after police say he was planning to have sex with a child, and even underwent a vasectomy procedure so that he could have unprotected sex with the victim.

ABC 15 reports that David Hogan, 55, spoke with undercover officers a few days before June 20, and while thinking the officers were a young girl’s parents, he tried to negotiate a deal to have sex with a pre-teen little girl.

The incident came after Hogan reportedly answered an online post, advertising paid sex with a young girl. Hogan reportedly took the bait and emailed undercover detectives.

“So, what kind of money are we talking?” Hogan wrote.

Hogan and the detectives (posing as the girl’s parents) agreed on a price of $60. Hogan allegedly told the detectives that this wasn’t the first time he’s considered having sex with an underage girl. In fact, he said he had thought about it many times and even had a vasectomy “to be safe” should he have sex with an underage girl.

After agreeing on a time and place to meet, Hogan met the undercover detectives at a shaded area near a Publix supermarket in the north area of Phoenix. He was arrested and charged with attempted sexual conduct with a minor and child prostitution.

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[Feature Photo: Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office]