Woman who had a baby with 11-year-old boy claimed the child ‘forced himself’ on her: Police

A Florida woman is in jail on charges she had a three-year-long sexual relationship with a minor that began when he was 11 years old, and had a baby with the child.

According to WFLA, Marissa Ashley Mowry of Hillsborough County was charged with multiple counts of sexual battery and sexual assault following an police investigation launched by an anonymous tip.

Mowry allegedly began a sexual relationship with an 11-year-old boy in 2014, and the sexual contact continued until the boy was 14 years old. During the first year of the relationship, Mowry became pregnant and gave birth to a child. The victim is believed to be the child’s father.

WFLA reports that Mowry, now 25, initially told police she did not consent to a sexual encounter, instead accusing the boy of “forcing himself” on her after she had taken cold medicine and was asleep. She told police that she woke while the boy was having sex with her and told him to stop.

Mowry later denied any sex took place in a recorded conversation with the boy, while police were listening in.

Police told the news station they have new information in the case but would not reveal what it is.

Investigators have also declined to reveal the nature of the suspect’s relationship with the victim, in order to protect the identity of the juvenile.

The child believed to be a product of the relationship is now three years old, and is now in the care of a “responsible adult.”

Police began an investigation this April after an anonymous caller alerted authorities to the abuse.

Mowry faces a mandatory life sentence if convicted.


Feature photo: Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office