Did ’13 Reasons Why’ lead teen to kill herself? Parents blame Netflix series for girl’s suicides

Bella Herndon was just days shy of her 16th birthday when he mother found her hanging in her bedroom closet in April. The high school sophomore died after a week on life support.

Bella recorded a message on her mother’s phone saying, “I love you, mommy.” shortly before killing herself. Her father shared the video on his Facebook page.

Bella, who had suffered through depression and school bullying, was doing great after changing schools, her father John Herndon told Nancy Grace in this Crime Stories episode. Friends then told her father his daughter had been watching the controversial Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why.

The series focuses on the suicide of a teenage girl who leaves behind 13 audio tapes that explain why she chose to kill herself. While the producers — including pop star Selena Gomez — insist their production should discourage youth suicide, not encourage it.

Psychologist Caryn Stark joined the discussion about the dangers of glamorizing suicide, which Grace suggested the series threatens to do.

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