Murdered grandparents had worried their teen granddaughter would turn violent before she killed them and threw a party while their dead bodies were upstairs

A Georgia teenager and her boyfriend are about to face a grand jury for the brutal killing of her grandparents, who had cared for her when her mother could not.

A new report from 11 Alive reveals that one of the teen suspects, Cassandra Bjorge, had allegedly abused her grandparents before, and her grandfather told police he was worried she may be capable of extreme violence.

As Crime Online previously reported,┬áCassandra, 17, and her boyfriend, 19-year-old Johnny Hiro Rider, are accused of killing Cassandra’s grandparents at their Gwinett County home.

Police found the bodies of Randall and Wendy Bjorge in early April during a welfare check. Authorities became concerned about the elderly couple after Rider and Bjorge allegedly assaulted Rider’s sister and her boyfriend.

11 Alive reports that when police responded to the murder scene, they were overcome with fumes from pepper spray. Inside, they found Randall and Wendy Bjorge with their throats slashed and with evidence they were beaten.

When police apprehended the teen suspects at a nearby apartment complex, both were suffering from self-inflicted wounds in what appeared to be a suicide attempt.

Authorities later learned that Cassandra had hosted a gathering of friends at her grandparents’ home after their apparent murder. None of the guests are suspected of having participated in the killings.

Cassandra had previous run-ins with law enforcement, and her mother had relinquished custody of her daughter to Cassandra’s grandparents after her behavior became too out of control.

Police had visited the Bjorge’s home on several previous occasions. According to 11 Alive, police responded to a domestic call in November 2016, in which they found that Cassandra had thrown water on both of her grandparents during an argument.

At that time, Randall reportedly told police that Cassandra had hit her grandmother several times in the past, and was concerned that she could become even more violent, given that she had martial arts training.

11 Alive reports that a grand jury will hear the murder case on Thursday.


Feature photo: Gwinnett County Sherrif