Where is he? Little girl, her mother, and the wife of pilot left DEAD while suspect evades arrest

A wife, a 14-year-old girl, and her mother were found dead with a single gunshot wound to each of their heads in a farmhouse shed in Caldwell, Idaho, on June 19. The primary person of interest, Michael Bullinger, remains on the run.

The victims of the Idaho triple murder include Nadja Medley, 48, her daughter, Payton Medley, 14, and Cheryl Baker, 57. Nadja and Payton moved into the Idaho home with Bullinger in early June; he purchased the property only a month prior. Cheryl Baker, a retired teacher and Bullinger’s wife, was at the home they shared in Ogden, Utah, trying to sell the house before joining her husband in Idaho.

Friends said that Cheryl reportedly left Utah for Idaho as a “nice surprise” to her husband, who apparently told her he was living in a trailer alone on the property while repairing the home. In reality, Bullinger was living with his girlfriend, Najda, along with Payton.

Something sinister occurred after Cheryl arrived to the Idaho farmhouse, but authorities are still unsure what exactly transpired that ended up with three people dead and one person on the run.

Sheryl McCollum, director the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute in Atlanta, said that Bullinger can and will get caught. It’s only a matter of time before he exhausts his finances, or becomes sick or hurt, and emerges. Until then, authorities are conducting a nationwide manhunt for him.

In this episode of Crime Stories, Nancy Grace and guests discuss the devastating event that left three victims dead, as well as where Bullinger, a former pilot with extensive survival skills, could be hiding out. There is always the chance that Bullinger took his own life, but so far, his location remains elusive.

[Feature Photo: Facebook/Police Handout]