Woman shot to death hours after a Facebook post chronicled her journey from homeless to ‘six figure’ success

“I followed my heart”

A Florida woman is dead of an apparent homicide just hours after she published a Facebook post discussing her business success, and how much she had turned her life around.

According to the Palm Beach Post, Makeva Jenkins was shot during a home invasion early Thursday morning, and later died of her injuries.

On Wednesday evening, Jenkins had written on Facebook about her hard-won success, mentioning that she was now making six figures after being homeless just two years ago.

“I’m in awe of how far I’ve come,” the post reads. “Fast forward to now: We overcame being homeless in 2013/2014 to reaching my six figure mark in 2015 to now making multi six figures. No matter what the road looked like, I followed my heart and stuck with it growing my business. I’m saying this to say, anyone can do it. It takes determination and consistency.”

Just  about two hours later, a masked man reportedly made his way into her upscale home, and had an altercation with people inside the home. He allegedly fatally shot Jenkins and fled the home in a car he stole from the driveway, which he since abandoned.

Jenkins, a married mother of three, owned and operated a successful business consultant company. In addition to Wednesday’s final Facebook post, her family told the Palm Beach Post, Jenkins had posted further personal information on Facebook and even once posted a photo of her bank account.

Her family announced the tragic news of her death in the same place Jenkins had just spoken about her satisfaction with her life.

“Regretfully, the news reports are true,” someone close to Jenkins wrote on her Facebook page on Thursday. “The family of Makeva Jenkins asks that their privacy be respected at this most trying time.”

The Palm Beach Post report indicates the suspect has not been apprehended.


Feature photo: Handout