Teen girl badly burned in acid attack in front of her mother and little brother may have been targeted

The acid melted her clothes off and ate away at her skin — and the attackers are still on the loose

A 17-year-old girl is recovering from serious injuries after a brutal acid attack outside her home, as her family fears the assailant could strike again.

The victim, identified only as Alma, spoke to CBS DFW about the attack that also injured her little brother, while her horrified mother quickly reacted and put Alma in a kiddie pool to help keep her skin from burning more.

Alma had arrived back home from work in the early hours of Father’s Day, and noticed that the porch light was off.

Her attacker was hiding in the dark.

“I see, like, this man just standing in front of me with a ski mask and a red jacket,” Alma told CBS DFW. “I think it was a red hoodie, and he just like, he had a cup and he just threw it at me.”

The attacker threw acid at the teen repeatedly. Alma’s mother and brother were both home, and the teen’s little brother was injured after he was splashed with acid. Alma’s mother dunked her in a nearby kiddie pool.

The attacker left a cryptic message on Alma’s house that read: “Alma, [expletive] n-word [expletive] love [expletive].”

Alma is recovering in a hospital, and her little brother has already been treated and released. Although the teen is improving faster than doctors expected, she may be permanently disfigured. And her family is afraid the person who did this will be back, as they believe the attack was targeted.

“I might not look the same, but not that bad,” Alma told CBS DFW, adding, “I believe in karma. So now they’re going to get it 10 times worse.”


Feature photo: CBS DFW screenshot