‘Pharma Bro’: Is drug investor Martin Shkreli a con man or mad genius?

Martin Shkreli earned his “Pharma Bro” nickname when he bought rights to an AIDS drug and then raised the price from $13 to $750 a pill. The 34-year-old Wall Street investor’s move to hike the drug price by 5,000 percent even drew the attention of then-presidential candidate Donald Trump who suggested he was a spoiled brat.

The infamous Wall Street investor is now on trial in federal court on securities fraud charges, which are unrelated to the controversial drug price increase. Prosecutors allege Shkreli defrauded investors over five years through a Ponzi scheme.

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Shkreli, never one to shy away from media attention, has largely ignored his lawyer’s advice to avoid talking to reporters covering his trial. In one impromptu interview, he called the prosecutors “the junior varsity.” That prompted the prosecutors to ask the judge to impose a gag order on the gregarious defendant. His lawyer contends a gag order would violate Shkreli’s freedom of speech and that he’s speaking out because of his anxiety. In opening statements, he argued he was a genius, not a con man.

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[Feature Photo: AP/Susan Walsh, File]