Police: Mom sent a ‘final memory’ photo to toddler’s father before suffocating her to death

On Tuesday, prosecutors said that a woman who deliberately smothered her toddler to death sent the child’s father a photo of the little girl before killing her.

The Stoke Sentinel reports that Cody-Anne Jackson, 20, reportedly sent a string of threatening text messages to her former boyfriend, Paul Hogan, after he ended their tumultuous relationship. During trial at Stafford Crown Court in Staffordshire, England, on Monday, prosecutors said Jackson sent Hogan a message on October 8, 2016, insinuating that she was going to kill their 2-year-old daughter, Macey Hogan, and wanted to share one last picture of the toddler.

Posted by Cody-Anne Jackson on Thursday, October 13, 2016

“Sorry, just thought you deserved one last picture and memory of her.”

A few days later, authorities searched Jackson’s home in Stoke-on-Trent and discovered Macey’s lifeless body on a bedroom floor, blocking the door. They also found Jackson in the home with a knife wounds on her body and a suicide note. Jackson survived the suicide attempt and was taken to a hospital. Afterwards, authorities arrested her for her daughter’s murder.

“I do not want to leave her behind but I can’t go on either. There is nothing for me or Macey.”

Posted by Paul Hogan on Wednesday, October 12, 2016


According to prosecutors, Jackson denied killing the toddler and explained that Macey must have suffocated in her sleep. She claimed she took sleeping pills and woke up with her pillow over Macey’s head. She said when she realized her daughter was dead, she ran to her kitchen, grabbed a few knives, and tried to take her own life.

Prosecutors, however, said that Jackson killed her daughter just days after Hogan moved out their home. Jackson repeatedly called Hogan over and over, despite him not answering her calls. She then started sending a string of insulting text messages, that, according to prosecutor, Jonas Hankin QC, reached a “tipping point” within a few days.

“In Cody’s mind the relationship had reached a tipping point. Any prospect of reconciliation, it seems, had evaporated,” Hankin said.

Posted by Paul Hogan on Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Jackson still contends that she did not kill Macey. She pleaded not guilty. The trial is expected to continue around three weeks. Check back with Crime Online as additional details become available.

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