Pope Francis ‘enraged’ after cardinal secretary allegedly throws drug-fueled sex party in Vatican-owned building

The building is part of a congregation dedicated to fighting sex abuse in the church

A Vatican priest has been arrested and may be facing forced retirement after cops raided a Vatican-owned building where he allegedly threw parties filled with sex and drugs.

According to the New York Post, Vatican police raided a Vatican-owned building where a top aide to Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio had been living, after neighbors reported seeing a lot of traffic at the home, and people behaving strangely.

The police found an unknown number of men having sex and using drugs. The aide, a priest who the Cardinal had previously recommended be promoted to Bishop, was arrested and taken to a detox clinic. The New York Post notes that the arrest was likely only for drug charges, as homosexual sex is not against the law in Vatican City.

Pope Francis was reportedly “enraged” by the news, particularly as the building is part of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith. According to the Italian newspaper paper Il Fatto Quotidiano, that congregation is dedicated to tackling sex abuse in the church.

According to the International Business Times, the priest, who has not yet been identified, had overdosed on drugs on two occasions in the past.  Il Fatto Quotidiano reports that that Pope Francis may demand he retire.

Feature photo: Associated Press