Starving tot-boy eating cereal scraps off floor

A stepfather accused of neglecting a disabled child told a judge the 5-year-old was not his responsibility. Suspicion about a stepmother grows in a missing child cold case. Why would a Georgia mom butcher her four kids and husband? Nancy Grace talks with Mark Klaas, Brian Claypool, Caryn Stark, Joseph Scott Morgan and Alan Duke about these stories in this “Crime Stories” episode.

Los Angeles defense lawyer Brian Claypool shares how he would defend Brian Hall, the Florida man accused of neglecting his severely malnourished 5-year-old stepson. Hall told a judge he has been a good father to his own two children, but the welfare of his wife’s child was not his concern.

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Mark Klaas, who dedicated his life to searching for missing children after his daughter Polly was kidnapped and murdered, shares new developments in the search for Kyron Horman, who was seven when he disappeared in Portland, Oregon in 2010.

The bizarre courtroom behavior of a Georgia mother accused of stabbing to death four of her children and her husband is the topic of the third segment. Forensics expert Joseph Scott Morgan and psychologist Caryn Stark join Nancy to discuss details of the murder case against Isabel Martinez.

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