Woman drops her baby from high-rise window, claims ‘strict parents’ as motive and avoids jail

An Illinois woman who dropped her newborn baby out of a window from a Chicago high-rise apartment will avoid jail time. She pleaded guilty to manslaughter on Thursday.

Chicago Tribune reports that Mubashra Uddin, 20, pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter at the Cook County Courthouse in Chicago. It’s a plea deal that kept her from serving jail time. Instead, she was sentenced to serve 48 months on probation for dropping her newborn baby from a window, resulting in fatal injuries for the infant girl. The incident occurred on November 11, 2015, off of the 800 block of West Eastwood Avenue.

According to court documents, Uddin became pregnant by her boyfriend but decided against telling her parents, who she claimed were strict Pakistanians who would have been upset. She hid pregnancy by wearing baggy clothing, and only told her boyfriend and a close friend about the pregnancy.

Uddin gave birth to a seven-pound baby girl inside her family’s home, but when she heard her mother approaching, she quickly tossed the newborn out of a window from the eighth floor of a Chicago apartment building.

A passerby found the baby, and noticed the newborn was covered in blood but still breathing. A security guard called 911. After paramedics arrived, they took the baby to a local hospital where medical staff diagnosed her with several skull fractures, a broken left shoulder, fractured ribs, and a lacerated aorta. She was pronounced dead the following morning at midnight.

When authorities tracked Uddin down, she denied any involvement. However, she later admitted what she did several times while being recorded by detectives. She was initially arrested and held without bond, but a judge granted a bail amount of $275,000 the following year. She made bail and lived with her parents while awaiting trial. She had already served 603 days in jail, which counted as time served.

Judge Peggy Chiampas said the Uddin’s “family circumstances” were taken into consideration before she handed down sentencing.

[Feature Photo: Cook County Sheriff’s Office]