‘I want them to give him the chair’: Dad drives kids around with their dead mother stuffed into trunk

California police said that for over a day, a suspect who reportedly killed his wife rode around with her stuffed inside the trunk of his SUV.

Los Angeles Times reports that Jose Anthony Rodriguez, 37, of Reno, Nevada, allegedly broke the kneecaps of a woman identified as his children’s mother (her name has not yet been released), smashed her head in, and stuffed her in a cardboard box after she broke up with him.

He reportedly placed the cardboard box inside his Lincoln Navigator trunk and threatened anyone who dared to go near his vehicle. He’s accused of punching his own mother in the face, firing gunshots in his neighborhood, and even stabbing his brother.

Detectives received an anonymous tip on Sunday afternoon, which led them to Rodriguez’s vehicle. When they opened the trunk, the victim’s body was still stuffed inside the cardboard box. They later learned that Rodriguez, a known gang member, drove the victim’s children to Dinuba with their lifeless mother in the trunk. Authorities said the kids didn’t know their mom was in the vehicle.

“I’m sorry to all her family and friends and I’m sorry all of this happened,” Rodriguez’s mother, Nellie Gutierrez, to KGPE when she heard what happened. “He’s just stupid, dumb, he just did it, he just likes having control over people.”

Rodriguez was arrested and given a bond of $1 million while he awaits extradition back to Nevada. Gutierrez said she hopes her son gets “the chair.”

“I want them to give him the chair. I don’t give a damn anymore.”

The investigation is still ongoing. Anyone with any information is urged to call Dinuba Police Department at (559) 591-5911 or (559) 591- TIP1.

[Feature Photo: Dinuba Police Department]