Friday Crime Stories: Confession & apology in Pennsylvania murders; Family wants answers after deadly Cancun vacation; Not-so-bright bride hires hit on her groom

A Pennsylvania man confessed to helping kidnap, kill and burying four young men on a Bucks County farm, his lawyer said. Psychologist Caryn Stark and WFMZ reporter Jamie Stover join Nancy Grace to look at the latest developments in this horrific story.

Did Cosmo DiNardo work alone?? Second person of interest in custody in Bucks County murder case

A dream vacation quickly turned tragic for a Wisconsin family at a Cancun, Mexico resort. A daughter is dead and a son seriously hurt after an unexplained poolside incident. The family complains local police quickly ruled it an accident and refused to properly investigate. Syndicated radio host David Mack discusses the case with Grace and Alan Duke in this “Crime Stories” episode.

College student dies suddenly at luxury Mexico resort while on family vacation after hotel guests give her a drink

A newlywed woman hired her teen daughter’s boyfriend to kill her new husband so she could collect on his $100,000 life insurance policy, but the new wife forgot one important thing. The firefighter’s former wife was still listed as the beneficiary. Instead of a life insurance payout, Uloma Curry-Walker is facing a life prison sentence. Blaze news anchor Robin Walensky and Nancy Grace talk about this not-so-bright bride.

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