Monday Crime Stories: Will O.J. Simpson go free? And Bucks County murder update

Despite horrific details emerging about the murders of four young Pennsylvania men, prosecutors have reportedly taken the death penalty off the table for suspect Cosmo DiNardo. The Bucks County man charged with the gruesome killings reportedly traded information on where he had hidden on the bodies in exchange for a promise that prosecutors would not seek the death penalty for him.

DiNardo, 20, is charged with four criminal homicides and cousin, 20-year-old Sean Kratz, faces three criminal homicide charges.

WFMZ-TV Reporter Jamie Stover and death investigations expert Joseph Scott Morgan, a forensics professor at Jacksonville State University, discuss the Bucks County case with Nancy Grace in this “Crime Stories” show.

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O.J. Simpson has a chance to plead for his freedom before the Nevada Paroles Board Thursday, an appeal that many observers expect will be granted. Cheryl Kane, author of O. J. Simpson, the Killer: A Minute by Minute Account of the Homicides of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, tells Grace in this episode why it should not happen.

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