Video: Police officer unleashes fury on woman after she leaves two young kids in car to go shopping

A Vancouver, Canada, police officer who understands the dangers of leaving child in hot cars verbally slammed mom have it after he discovered two young children trapped inside a car.

The incident, which happened on July 3, is just another reminder that some parents continue to leave their children in cars, despite many warnings and past cases of kids dying from heat stroke. Fortunately in this incident, an anonymous caller dialed 911 and tipped off authorities before it was too late. The unidentified officer was caught on camera berating the defiant mom while she stood defensively with her arms folded over he chest.

“Your children could have died! You don’t seem to understand the danger you put these children in.”

When the mom tried to speak, the officer cut her off to emphasize the seriousness of the situation.

“Listen to me. You’re talking when you should be listening. Your children could have died. The windows are up.”

“It’s hot out…..You want me to seize your kids? And you’ll never see them again? Is that your problem? That is your problem.”

Although the weather was relatively mild in Vancouver on the day in question, the internal temperature of the vehicle was close to 122 degrees. The children were not injured, thanks to the quick actions of the Good Samaritan who dialed 911, but the situation could’ve turned tragic had no one spotted the children.

Shortly after the incident, Vancouver chief constable Adam Palmer held a press conference. He stated he supported the officer’s decision to lecture the suspect and that although the mom didn’t face criminal charges, authorities referred the case to the child welfare.

“He is a highly respected member of the police department, hard working, dedicated officer. I know he has children of his own,” Palmer said of the officer.

[Feature Photo:Screenshot]