SHOCK VIDEO: Man hurls tot in front of traffic, says he’s the devil

A Colorado man is under arrest after he allegedly threw his 2-year-old cousin into oncoming traffic, where the little boy narrowly escaped getting run over, thanks to vigilant drivers and concerned citizens.

According to KKTV-11, Bryant Hickcox was arrested on Friday night after surveillance footage and witnesses spotted him tossing the toddler into a busy street. Miraculously, the little boy was unharmed.

Tracy Willner was driving with her husband in Colorado Springs Friday evening when she saw the suspect on the edge of the road carrying something in his arms.

“I thought it was a bag or a dog. I wasn’t sure what it was,” she told KKTV-11.

The man suddenly threw the object into the street, when Willner made the horrific realization.

“He threw a baby into traffic. He threw him hard into traffic and the baby rolled. Thank God the lady in front of us swerved and was paying attention,” Willner said.

Willner stayed with the baby while her husband and another witness chased after the suspect.

Once in custody, Hickcox reportedly told police he tossed the baby into the road because the toddler is “the devil.”