Cosmo DiNardo claims he killed a woman in a Philadelphia basement; Bucks County murder suspect was banned from ANOTHER school not long before brutal killings

The suspect in custody for the quadruple homicide of four young Bucks County, Pennsylvania, men earlier this month reportedly said he killed a man and a woman in Philadelphia when he was a teenager.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, sources told the New York Times that DiNardo told investigators he murdered two people in Philadelphia when he confessed last week to the four Bucks County murders. The 20-year-old reportedly said those murders took place when he was 15.

A subsequent NBC News report has additional details: Sources told the news outlet that DiNardo claimed to have killed a man and a woman, and he reportedly provided the nickname of the male victim. DiNardo also reportedly said he killed a woman in the basement of a Philadelphia home.

According to NBC News, Bucks County detectives have been in contact regarding DiNardo’s claims.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross addressed the claims in an interview with ABC-6 this week, saying that police had not had a chance to question DiNardo about the alleged murders.

“In order for us to lend any credence to (DiNardo’s claims) we have to talk to him directly, which we will do if we get that opportunity,” Ross said.

CrimeOnline previously reported that DiNardo had been asked to leave a university where he was briefly enrolled due to comments and behavior that made some people on campus uncomfortable. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported this week that DiNardo had also been banned from his high school alma mater last fall, after he showed up uninvited to an event Holy Ghost Prep for prospective students. He was not armed but reportedly “being disruptive.”

School officials reportedly contacted DiNardo’s parents about the incident and said he was no longer welcome at the school.

DiNardo and his alleged accomplice, Sean Kratz, are both being held without bail in separate jails.


Feature photo: Bucks County Sheriff