Woman caught hiding $2M of meth in cleaning jugs!

A Texas woman is facing felony drug charges after Austin authorities pulled her over on July 12 while driving down the highway with a large amount of “liquid meth” in her car.

Austin Statesman reports that police pulled over Seline Ayala, 22, of Laredo, after spotting her driving a 2013 Dodge Avenger a little over the 60 mph speed limit on Interstate 35, close to the 5400 block in Austin. According to police, Ayala said she was on her way to Dallas, but when questioned about why she was going there, she couldn’t provide a straight answer.

Ayala told officers that she worked for a doctor, yet she didn’t give them the physician’s name or location. She also reportedly said that three large cleaning jugs in her car belonged to the physician, but again, failed to provide the supposed physician’s name or location.

“Upon making contact with the driver, officers became suspicious,” the arrest report read.

When officers asked if they could search her car, Ayala refused. The officers then called in for a K9 in the drug narcotics unit. Once the dog arrived and began sniffing around the car, he alerted the police that drugs were likely in the car. Authorities seized the cleaning jugs, which tested positive for 75 pounds worth of liquid meth. The arrest affidavit indicated that the jugs were labeled, “Purple Power.”

“She was acting nervous, her stories where she was coming from and where she was traveling to were very contradictory,” Lt. Robert Richman with Austin Police Department’s organized crime unit said.

Authorities arrested Ayala on the spot for drug charges. Her 4-year-old little girl was in the car with her, along with a San Antonio woman who identified herself as the child’s babysitter.

Ayala is facing felony drug trafficking charges. If convicted, she could face anywhere from 5 to 99 years in prison.

[Feature Photo: Austin PD]