Chester Bennington’s suicide eerily similar to close friend Chris Cornell’s hanging death

Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington hung himself in a similar manner to his good friend Chris Cornell, who died of suicide two months before.

Bennington was found hanging in his Los Angeles-area home on Thursday, which would have been the Soungarden frontman’s 53rd birthday.

TMZ reports that Bennington was found hanging by a belt from a door in his bedroom. Cornell died by hanging himself on a hotel room door separating that bedroom from the bathroom.

Bennington, like Cornell, did not leave a suicide note.

The 41-year-old had acknowledged his struggles with substance abuse in the past. No drugs were found at the scene, but there was a partially consumed bottle of alcohol in the room, TMZ reports.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Bennington was godfather to Cornell’s 11-year-old son, and performed at his friend’s memorial service.


Feature photo: Associated Press