Monday Crime Stories: Dylan Redwine’s mom talks about father arrest for son’s murder & Dalia Dippolito’s prison bound

The arrest of Mark Redwine for the 2013 murder of his 13-year-old son Dylan has been four years coming, but it is no surprise to the boy’s mother. Elaine Hall has fought hard to convince investigators that her ex-husband killed her son and hid his bodies on a Colorado mountain.

Dylan didn’t want to board the plane that would take him to his father’s for a Thanksgiving visit, but it was ordered by the judge overseeing the couple’s child custody battle, Hall tells Nancy Grace in this “Crime Stories” episode.

“Dylan and his dad had just grown apart,” Hall says. “Mark never really exercised his visitation rights. And so you know he couldn’t see Dylan that often and you know, quite honestly, I don’t think that Mark new Dylan anymore.”

A day after her son left his mother’s home, his father called Hall to say Dylan was missing. Hall’s unbelievable nightmare was just beginning.

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Also in this show, Cold Case Research Institute Director Sheryl McCollum and syndicated radio host Dave Mack join Nancy to discuss the latest in the case of would-be husband killer Dalia Dippolito. The Florida woman has been sentenced to 16 years in prison for hiring a hit man to kill her husband. She was caught in a remarkable undercover sting that became an unforgettable “Cops” episode.

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