Sherri Papini neighbors say they ‘never’ saw her jogging before kidnapping and now lives as total recluse

Neighbors of Sherri Papini’s say that it was very rare to see the mother of two out jogging like she was the day she was allegedly kidnapped by a pair of women police still have not located.

The Daily Mail spoke to Papini’s father-in-law and her neighbors for a new report exploring Papini’s life as a recluse since the traumatic, mysterious November kidnapping that left her beaten, branded, emaciated, and with her long hair lopped off.

While Papini’s husband Keith gave a media interview in December, shortly after his wife was found on the side of the road, bound with a metal chain around her waist, Papini has kept silent, and the family has not spoken publicly since the beginning of 2017.

“It’s been hard for them and they’re trying to put their lives back together,” Kenneth Papini, Sheri’s father-in-law, told the Daily Mail. 

“She talks to the Sheriff and she’s told him everything that she knows [about her kidnapping],” he continued, adding, “Even we don’t know everything.”

Neighbors who live near the couple’s Shasta Lake, California, home told the Daily Mail that Papini is very rarely seen outside of the home, but also that she wasn’t seen out very often before the kidnapping.

“‘I’ve been here 12 years and I’ve never seen her jogging,” one neighbor, Joyce Allison, told the newspaper.

“The only time I’ve ever spoken to him [Keith] was when she went missing. He came to ask if he could search my yard.”

Papini’s reported account of her kidnapping has come under scrutiny by some skeptics who questioned the unusual details of the story — female kidnappers with no clear motive, for example — but law enforcement has never publicly questioned her story.

“The investigation is ongoing and we have no reason to disbelieve her,” Detective Kyle Wallace of the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office told the Daily Mail. 

“If someone reports that they are the victim of a horrible crime, we believe them.”

Another neighbor, Betty Vaughn, told the Daily Mail she questioned the discovery of Papini’s phone the location where she was reportedly kidnapped during a jog.

“The phone was found with the headphones wrapped around it – it was strange, like it had been placed there,” she said.

Vaughn also said she couldn’t recall ever seeing Sherri, either before or after the kidnapping.

“I’ve never seen her jogging, never seen her coming up to the mailboxes,” she said.

“I’ve been living here for 20 years so you would have thought I would have seen her at some point.”

Papini and her husband purchased the home from Keith’s parents in April of this year, but reportedly had been living there together since 2008.

Papini was last photographed leaving her home with her family in January of this year.